He Is A  King Maker

FOUNDERS WORDS:  We always believe in the strength of a vision. The vision of World Harvest is to have a positive influence in the cities and nations where World Harvest serves. 2010 bears a witness to the strength of this vision.

Now, wherever World Harvest operates, whether in Asia, Africa, North America or Europe, World Harvest serves as a blessing to the nations. In 2010 World Harvest trained and raised up skilled and high-quality leaders through our Harvest Festival leadership seminars in countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia (Sabah) and Qatar (Doha). World Harvest also equipped leaders in ‘forgotten’ countries such as Napal and Pakistan. Thousands of new leaders have been raised through World Harvest’s leadership seminars.

In Indonesia, World Harvest sponsors children who cannot afford schooling and gives free medical clinics, training, and microloans to communities served by World Harvest in the Greater Jakarta area, Semarang, Aceh, and Nias. These programs are greatly appreciated by the Indonesia people.

Our work carried out in 2009 gives evidence to the strength of the vision in which you have taken part, either through financial support, prayer or your encouragement to us. We believe that all things are possible and we can reach them together with you. For that reason we say ‘thank you’ for all the support you have gave World Harvest during 2009.

For 2010 we have a clear vision: Impacting the world through, One Child, One Leader, One Community, at a time. This will be done through providing education opportunities for thousands of children worldwide, developing marginalized communities, raising up leaders, and much more. Therefore, we invite you to become involved in making this vision a reality. Together we will achieve great things in 2010.