About us:

The Mundajerockrs has been publishing on last week. The first issue was published on june5. 6, 2010 under the name the Mundajerockrs.  The name was changed to represent a more edgy newspaper the editors sought to shape.

As a not-for-profit corporation the Charlatan’s finances are overseen by an independent Board of Directors. The board is controlled by five students-at-large, two representatives of the newspaper's staff, one professional journalist and one professional businessperson.

The board hires an advertising manager to sell advertisements for the paper, a production manager to oversee the layout of the newspaper, a web co-ordinator to upload the content each week and a distribution team to get the newspaper on the stands.

Each year the newspaper will elect an editorial staff in March to take office the following publication year. The editorial staff consists of 11 people: an editor-in-chief, two news editors, a national editor, a perspectives editor, a features editor, an opinions/editorial editor, an arts editor, a sports editor, a photo editor and a graphics editor.
And here we selling the land to one wants to purchase.